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SmokeStik Accessories

Accessories, we have you covered! Carry Cases, Chargers, Batteries & SmokeScreens. Click 'View Details' to view the details and purchase any of the products below.

    Ultra Adaptor Kit

  • Classic Adapter Kit

    Classic Adapter Kit

    Cone - Fits over the ULTRA battery to conceal a cartomizer Adapter - Fits on the ULTRA battery to allow use of SmokeSti...


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  • Batteries

  • Battery MaxxQ

    Battery MaxxQ

    Longer Lasting 250mAh Replacement Battery for SmokeStik MaxxQ. Elegant and sophisticated, THE accessory to take to holid...


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  • Battery Halligan

    Battery Halligan

    Longer Lasting 250mAh Replacement Battery for SmokeStik Halligan. This battery is fire engine Red with a clear jewel tha...


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  • Battery Pitbull

    Battery Pitbull

    Longer lasting 250mAh Replacement Battery for SmokeStik Pitbull. It comes in Stainless steel with a deep red jewel. &nb...


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  • Battery Pink

    Battery Pink

    The Pink battery is a soft pearl pink with a clear jeweled tip that lights up with a clear white light. It looks most at...


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  • Battery Premium

    Battery Premium

    Replacement battery for the SmokeStik Premium unit. The most realistic "cigarette" look-a-like. This battery is white wi...


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  • Carry Cases


  • SmokeScreens


    SmokeScreens - vaporize your friends! Due to customer demand we now offer SmokeScreens in quantities. This product inclu...


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  • Charging Systems

  • SmokeStik Charging System

    SmokeStik Charging System

    This 4 piece set includes: 2 USB Dongles, AC Adapter and Car Adapter. The SmokeStik charging system should only be ...


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    The SmokeStik USB/CAR charger is part of the SmokeStik charging system and should only be used with other SmokeStik prod...


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  • SmokeStik AC Adapter

    SmokeStik AC Adapter

    The SmokeStik AC Adapter is part of the SmokeStik charging system and should only be used with other SmokeStik products....


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  • SmokeStik USB Dongle

    SmokeStik USB Dongle

    The SmokeStik USB Dongle Charger. May be used with the AC adapter or in any USB 2.0 and above computer port. 


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