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    • Hi Steve:

      Hey, many thanks for again, going the extra mile! I received my order YESTERDAY, so the Express Delivery worked perfectly. A big thank you to Randy as well for taking care of this delivery. You guys are wonderful, and a perfect example of excellent customer care.
      You are the” Nordstrom” for the e-cig industry, and, as you know, Nordys is the best in Customer Service. Thanks for your constant personalized touch—the effort you expend will be returned ten-fold!

      Have a wonderful day,
    • I was a two pack a day smoker for the past 35 years. When my doctor told me I had to quit I told him he was crazy. Two months later I laid in a coma for a week, then came home to a bunch of angry children telling me I absolutely could not smoke any more. That day I saw Katherine Heigl on the David Letterman show talking about the smokestik. I couldn't get it fast enough. I had my doubts that it would satisfy me, but I actually preferred it to my usual brand of cigarettes. I've tried other brands of electronic cigarretes, but none compare. Smokestik literally has saved my life. To make it even better, the customer service is superior to any company I have ever done business with. They are so personable and considerate, almost a lost art.
      All my sincere thanks to the entire SmokeStik crew!!

    • Subject: 1 week and counting

      I just waned to say I recently purchased a Smokestik and at first it was difficult to cope with not having a real cigarette but after the first 3 days I found the SS almost like a life saver. No second hand smoke, no chemicals or poisons, and best of all I don't smell like an ashtray anymore. I'm becoming more active recently and getting a lot more done in my life without having to always take that 10min smoke break. Question is tho I live in toronto Canada and having difficulty finding stores that sell smokestik products except for a local convenience store and not having a credit card dosent help me from ordering online. Can I get help with my inquiry?
      Keep up the good work

      *SmokeStik products are now widely available throughout Canada. Stores are listed on our Locations page. We can also take locally purchased Visa/Mastercard gift cards online*
    • I just wanted to take a minute to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU for your customer service. In the couple of years I have been one of your customers, you have always given top notch service. In today's world, this is getting to be a rare thing and I believe you should be commended. I do complain when things don't go right so it is both nice and right to be able to say thanks for a change.

      Have a great weekend and thanks again.

    • ________________________________________
      Product: Disposable Non-Nicotine
      Posted By: Anonymous Canadian fan
      This is an awesome product would recommend for anyone wishing to explore alternatives to smoking conventional cigarettes. Stylish and easy to use the disposable version is perfect as a starter if you want to try it first before purchase. I approached a man I saw using one in Walmart... Turns out he's a smokestik rep gave me a starter loved it and never looked back!

    • SmokeStik ULTRA
      Overall fit and finish is GREAT!! Absolutely no complaints there. No machine marks, just a quality brushed / semi-polished SS tank. The knurled base is a great addition both for looks and ease of access to the tank.

      As others have mentioned this design is quite similar to Kanger's Evod tanks. I love the Evods, and w/ several days and several tanks now vaped I can say that this is def a well done, well functioning winner.
      ECF Beta Tester
    • SmokeStik ULTRA
      Finally, this SmokeStik Ultra is a Fantastic Product. Holds a better charge that I ever thought a 650mAh battery would, and the Extreme Ice tastes really great in the Ultra Tank. Very pleased with it.

      The other cool thing about the battery is that it doesn't take long to charge, making it great for those on the go. My other one, a 1300mAh ego, takes 4 hours for a full charge. The SmokeStik Ultra is holding a great charge, I make sure to let it get to the warning level before recharge, subsequent charges has held longer than the original.
      ECF Beta Tester
    • SmokeStik ULTRA
      In the owner's manual, it states,"The Ultra batteries use an advanced Pulse Modulation microchip which means the last puff before you recharge the battery is as satisfying as the first puff."

      This is a huge feature. It makes this battery so much better than any other 650 bat. My other 650s (Halo) get colder and colder as the voltage slowly drops. It's the reason I went to the variable voltage bat, not so much for the variable, but for the regulated voltage.

      But to have regulated voltage in a starter kit? Huge..

      I think this is the game changer and this great feature and should be right up front.
      ECF Beta Tester
    • SmokeStik ULTRA
      This tank was and is the best EVOD type tank I have used.
      Great work to your company.
      ECF Beta Tester
    • SmokeStik ULTRA
      Ok so I used it all day. Once the wick broke in it was vaping like a champ. I was actually getting large clouds of vapor and pretty good flavor. Refilling was easy and I like the shape of the drip tip better than the other clearos I've been using (Kangers). I was surprised I didn't get any gurgling or dry hits which is pretty common.
      ECF Beta Tester
    • SmokeStik ULTRA
      I've had no issues thus far with this tank. As a matter if fact I think this tank is easier to fill because the well between the tube and the sides seems to be bigger. It's easier to get the dropper from glass bottles on the side of the tank. You don't accidentally get juice in the middle, so you don't necessarily have to use the needle nose bottles.

      So, I think this is a great clearo, I'd buy it. It's is simple in that it simply get the job done.
      ECF Beta Tester
    • SmokeStik ULTRA
      On a scale of 1-10 I would give this a 10 on the ease of filling and cleaning, and changing out the coil if need be.
      ECF Beta Tester
    • SmokeStik ULTRA
      Looks very identical, though slightly lighter, to a KangerTech EVOD that I currently have, though the bottom is different. Unique in the fact that it's easier to remove, due to the ridged, rather than slick, surface area. That's a plus in itself.
      ECF Beta Tester

      It may sound strange but I am so proud to be a part of the Smokestik family.
      I was skeptical at first, but I've been using Smokestik for about 2 years
      and I can't turn back. It feels so liberating to not have to worry about
      smelling like cigarettes and spraying myself down with Febreeze before
      walking into my corporate job at a fortune 500 company. It feels great to
      not feel disgusting because I smoked too many cigarettes. I finally can
      enjoy my eCig without being scared that someone is going to smell me and say
      "EWW!". I feel proud to have anybody in my car without worrying if they
      smell the tobacco smoke. I feel healthier and finally don't feel disgusting.
      Its nice to not get headaches from smoking too many cigs. It also feels good
      not to worry about hurting others with second hand smoke. I'm also so
      grateful to the Smokestik staff! They are always there anytime I have
      questions or anytime I need help with the product (thank u Lorraine!). I
      know that they will always take care of me. And they always do so, with
      respect. Thank u Smokestik for helping me find out that not all companies
      are bad. I finally feel like someone cares. I've wanted to write this
      testimonial for a while now, but I thought that no one would believe it. I
      never believe in testimonials but now I know that they can be true. Never
      have I felt that a company and their employees cared, but now I know
      different. I just hope that others can believe and know what I now know:
      that Smokestik really does care about their customers. Thank u for helping
      me to believe. I also can't believe how great the customer service is!! I
      remember the first time I called and it was late at night, outside of
      business hours, I was scared to leave a voice mail so I hung up, but I still
      got a call back!!!!!! They were so kind and made me feel comfortable! I
      couldn't believe it! Its so hard to find such good customer service!!!!!! I
      am so in love with this product that I could never think of using a
      different eCig! Just the thought makes me shiver! LOL Yes, I know how hokey
      this sounds but I wouldn't say it (or type it) if it wasn't true. The
      "throat hit" is great and I haven't smoked a normal cigarette in 2
      years!!!!!!! Every time someone asks me if I'm smoking a "fake cigarette" I
      say "NO! I'm using Smokestik" and I tell them about how much it rocks!!!!!
      Thanks Smokestik!!!!!! PLEASE keep doing what you're doing!
      - Chrissy
    • Surprised!
      I brought SmokeStik refills a few months ago in Virginia from a smoke shop. At the time I was using Njoy but no one sold the refills up there. The lady behind the counter told me the SmokeStik refills worked on the Njoy batteries, I had 4 batteries and didn't want to buy more batteries thats when I tried them. I was so pleased to find out the SmokeStik refill was so much better and lasted twice as long. I bought some to bring back with me and couldn't find anyone that sold SmokeStik here in Winter Garden FL. I usually dont order things online but I did. I ordered online on saturday night and was SURPRISED by monday I received my order here in florida. Great job! Fast service. I will be using you guys for now on.

      Thanks, Ron
      Winter Garden, FL
    • Singing SmokeStik's Praises

      Let me say how wonderful I think SmokeStik is! I've tried other electronic cigarettes and have found yours to be far superior. The natural flavor, "throat hit," and exhalation are first-rate!

      Thanks to SmokeStik I gave up a pack and a half a day cigarette habit I had had for 34 years. Thanks to the superb flavor and quality, I sing SmokeStik's praises to every smoker I know! Hopefully they will give it a try someday as well!

      Sincerely, Annette
    • SmokeStik goes the extra mile!
      Hi Lorraine!

      I very much appreciate the service that I've received from your company, and the fact that you people are willing to go the extra mile for your customers. The smokeStick is an amazing thing. I first saw it on an episode of the David Letterman show, thought I'd try it out, and a smoking habit of three decades ended overnight. Amazing but true. No withdrawal symptoms, no crankiness (aside from the usual), and no problems at all. There seem to be a lot of "smokestick-like" products out there, but clearly the SmokeStik is the "top of the line".

      Thanks again! Emile
    • Five Stars!
      Thank you so much for all your help. I definitely will give you 5 stars for customer service!

    • Excellent Service is Rare!
      Dear Steve and Lorraine,

      I cannot thank you enough for your excellent service in helping me order my daughter’s SmokeStik over the phone with Steve. His patience and advice were invaluable. We received the order within 24 hours!!! Then when we called Lorraine on some questions she was great! So far my daughter likes the SmokeStik and I hope to be ordering for a long time!

      Excellent service is rare these days. I SO appreciate yours!

    • Great Customer Service!
      I had a terrific experience talking to Lorraine. I was buying the SmokeStik for my daughter and her boyfriend. She helped me figure out the best products and quantities for them and went the extra mile for me. Even though she had to handle more than one customer, she never made me feel rushed or that she needed to go. She gave me good advice and offered to talk to my daughter and friend if they wanted to call her.

      If the product is as good as your customer service, I feel very confident that I made the right choice in selecting the SmokeStik.


    • SmokeStik kicks butt!
      Thanks Steve!

      I also got the message you left on the answering machine as well. Is it any wonder that SmokeStick and the fantastic customer service you provide literally kicks the butt of every single other distributor of e-cig products? You people rock!

      Thanks again!

    • Thanks to SmokeStik!
      Thanks Steve!

      Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I have smoked for over 30 years and thanks to Smoke Stik I have quit. I know that this product was not meant to be a quitting type of product but it worked for me. I tried the patches, gum, mints and Chantix….none of them worked. I now use the non nicotine flavor and just the thoughts of having it in my hand and the "smoke" coming out, I quit thanks to your product.

    • Excellent Service!!!
      I just want to take a moment to let you know about the great service I received from Steve on Monday, 5/16.

      We were in urgent need of some non-nicotine Smokestik cartridges for a theater performance my daughter was invovled in. The cartridges I had on hand had run out after all the rehearsals she had been directing. I called the Smokestik customer service line several times and was not able to get through. Imagine my surprise when my phone rang and it was Steve -- your customer service rep. Calling me back! How often does that happen!!!???

      He apologized and indicated that they were having phone problems and asked how he could help. I think he could hear the urgency in my voice and jumped right in to help me.

      Steve was so helpful in getting the cartridges to me the next day (today)! My daughter's performance is tomorrow night and she now has the cartridges. She was very stressed -- and Steve helped alleviate that stress (hers and mine).

      By the time I got off the phone with him (he called back several times, even tried to get me connected to a rep in my area, but since he was not available, Steve took over and did the work himself), I was in tears - from the relief I was feeling and just the appreciation that there was someone as caring as Steve who truly wanted to help me!

      In this day of poor customer service from many online companies/ordering, Steve was a breath of fresh air and restored my faith that there are some excellent customer service reps out there.

      I will continue to use Smokestik products thanks to Steve's great service.

      And don't lose him -- you have a great asset there!

      Thank you for your excellent service to your customers!!!


      Austin, TX
    • Best Electric Cigarette Customer Service !
      There's no way I can close without telling you how much I appreciate the EXCELLENT customer service I've received from your company. You guys have gone above and beyond... by returning my phone call (even though I didn't leave a message), taking time out to explain things, answering my email in a timely manner and by sending a replacement charger in an expeditious manner.

      I am totally impressed and it has been a pleasure doing business with you!

      Thanks again!

      Connie G
    • SmokeStik is on TOP !

      My order was received and all correct. Thank You for being on top of things. I will be definitely give your company's name to anyone interested in E-cigarettes.

      Doris L
    • The SmokeStik Rocks !
      With all the support I got from you I was never out of a working product, so there was really no "trouble" on my part!

      The SmokeStik rocks and so does the Customer Service department. - JohnL